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Update your showroom with 3M’s free display program.  We offer our Virtual Assistant Software to help identify key product placement to maximize sales & offer additional stock recommendations to meet your specific market.  Contact Blair Wyman for additional information.

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3M Merchandising Catalog


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We offer a spinning display pictured below. This is very useful to maximize the exposure of all your SKU’s. Get your product off the back shelves and in front of your customers! The mobility of this display makes it very easy to re-stock and the size won’t crowd your showroom. Increase your bottom line and dust off products your customers never knew you offered!

Intermatic Suggested Stock List

Intermatic Spinning Display


Selecta Switch Offers Duracell Batteries, Displays, and More!

Selecta Switch

Selecta offers a couple great options to display your Duracell batteries! Whether you have the Procell or Coppertop brand, we have a display option that is perfect for you! This is free of charge and Blair can help set it up and keep it stocked up! Batteries are the top impulse purchase, make some extra sales today and make sure to advertise Duracell’s great promotions that run year round!

Duracell Floor Rack

Duracell Counter Display

Mico-Switch Display

 Selecta Also Offers Customized Jars Free of Charge for You and Your Customer!


Private Label Customized Display






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